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Fun Tips and Ideas
Here's some interesting travel tips and ideas that may be worth considering before and during your next vacation.
  • Having to find the bathroom in an unfamiliar place can be hazardous in the middle of the night. Try hanging a glow-in-the-dark light stick around the door handle to point you in the right direction. 
  • Before a long trip, download free audio books to listen to on your ipod or burn them to a CD. Lots can be found on the internet and can help make a long trip a bit more enjoyable.
  • Traveling can weaken the immune system. Try carrying a travel-size package of disinfectant wipes to wipe down airplane arm rests, telephones and remote controls and avoid catching a cold on your vacation.
  • Bring lots of accessories for your clothes, rather than lots of clothes. To lighten your luggage, try bringing more scarves, jewelry or ties that you can mix and match with your current coordinates to make different ensembles in your clothing repertoire while away.
  • Bringing the kids on a road trip? Try hanging a shoe organizer on the back of the passenger seat filled with toys, books and stuffed animals. Having everything close at hand can help prevent melt downs along the way.
  • Keep old prescription glasses and an inexpensive repair kit packed away with your luggage. If something happens to your current glasses while away, those back up pairs and/or repair kit can get you through the rest of the trip.
  • Also carry a twist tie in your wallet for an emergency replacement of a lost screw on sun glasses. Just peel back the paper/plastic, insert the bare wire where the screw one was and twist to tighten. Small enough to remain hidden and strong enough to hold until you're able to replace the screw.
  • If your camera doesn't come with a carrying case, use a toddler's sock. These small sized socks are usually a perfect fit for the small sizes of digital cameras these days.
  • Purchase multiple smaller memory cards for your digital camera instead of one big one. If your camera is stolen, you won't lose all your pictures.
  • On a short trip, try using half a contact lens case to carry your medicine. They are watertight and small enough to carry in a shirt pocket.
  • Secure small electronics to the inside of your bag with long cords to make them easy to use but difficult to swipe.
  • Don't rush off the car rental lot without checking out the car. Test the headlights, brakes, and look for the tools to change a tire if the need arises. That extra minute could save you a bundle.
  • Try programming hotel and local taxi phone numbers on your cell phone before leaving. No more lost slips of paper to cause trouble.
  • Treat  yourself to a golf-ball foot massage upon arrival. Easy to carry with you and great for massaging!
  • Try brewing a fresh pot of coffee upon arrival if your accommodation is filled with stale air. An easy way to make a stay more homey right away.
  • Shopping in foreign markets? Bring a small calculator with you to help figure out exchange rates. It can also help when haggling about prices and the seller speaks a different language by passing it to them with your price on it.
  • Looking for souvenirs to remind you of your fabulous trip? Purchase a music CD from the local culture or of songs you were listening to while away. Playing it at home will bring back the great memories.
  • Look for vintage postcards at antique shops if you're tired of the same boring postcards found at all the tourist traps. They make great additions to photo albums too.

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