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I Own a Vacation Home. Should I Rent It?

The 'Owner Direct' program has become popular with those Owners who historically have never rented their unit. Are you one of these Owners?

Have you ever had these thoughts? ........

  • Although we do not need the rental income, it's not a bad idea to have our Christmas/New Years guests pay for our holiday in Hawaii or our annual ski trip. It would be good to cover our strata fees and property taxes, we only have to give up the high demand times to realize thousands of dollars …
  • Although we take pride in our unit and don't want to risk the loss of our personal items or damage, my friends rent through Owner Direct and have never had a problem ... I get to talk to and get to know each Guest going into my unit …
  • Although I don't want to be cleaning up after my guests, I'll have a housekeeper do most of the work .... my housekeeper can also help us clean up after ourselves …
Flexible Program - You Remain In Control
Set as many booking conditions (eg "families only", "minimum of 5 nights", ...) as you wish.

No Fees Until You Receive A Booking
There are no upfront fees, you don't pay until you receive a booking. 

Why not try through 'Owner Direct'?
For more information about the program and how to register, click on
Register Property tab from the home page.

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