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Packing Light - Tips To Try For Your Next Trip

Taking just one carry-on suitcase can solve many luggage woes from lost bags to reduced back pain, but is it really feasible for a vacation? Numerous websites say, "yes". The most important things to note are what to take, what to take it in and how to pack it.


Advantages of traveling light:

·        No more lost luggage.

·        Less to carry means less strain on your back from lifting.

·        Save money by not having to tip porters or pay for extra space on airlines.

·        Have more freedom to take public transportation.

·        Save time at airports with check in and at the baggage carousels.

What to take:

·        Coordinated outfits that you can mix and match.

·        Only essential toiletries.

·        Prepare to do laundry while traveling.

·        Know where you are going and what will be available to you before you get there.

What to take it in:

·        Once you have your bare essentials packing list you will know the bag size you require.

·        Depending on your travel method, opt for a quality made bag that is durable, lightweight and will fit in the compartment space allocated to it. Airlines only allow a certain size carry on whereas car travel allows a bit more flexibility.

How to pack it:

·        Organizer pouches are sometimes handy.

·        Fold, roll or bundle clothing to avoid wrinkles and creases in the wrong places.

·        Bundling clothing involves laying all clothes flat on top of each other and then wrapping them up in a large bundle with each article of clothes hugging the one above. This method is recommended by most travel light websites.

Other website resources:



·        The Universal Packing List -

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