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Staying Fit While Travelling
While on the road, it's easy to forget your general fitness routine but there is no reason staying fit and healthy while travelling has to be a chore. Here's some tips from seasoned travellers for fun ideas to keep in shape.
  • Plan ahead. If you know you are going to a location with a tennis court, bring your sneakers. Look for vacation destinations that offer gyms at their resort, nearby fitness centers, walkways and pathways nearby, or other fun sports in the vicinity.
  • Keep Hydrated. Dehydration is a common problem during travel due to climate changes, high altitudes and accessibility. Think like a camel and buy a super size water bottle before you depart to keep on hand. Water will keep you energized and prevent cramping whether you’re stuck in an airplane, train or car seat.
  • Bring healthy travel snacks. Avoid unhealthy high-fat foods on airplanes and road trips by carrying a couple of your favorite simple snacks like mixed nuts, dried fruit, low carb crunch bars, fruit, or pre-chopped vegetables.
  • Get out of the car and do some jumping jacks. A great way to stretch out those muscles.
  • Jump rope. Throw one in your bag and be whisked back to your childhood. Jumping rope for 5 minutes will get you ready for any activity.
  • Plan a tour of your new location with a short jog around the block once you arrive.
  • Walk the terminals. If you are stuck at the airport, train or bus station, don't just sit and read a magazine. Get up, walk around and explore the building.
  • Rent a bike, rollerblades, golf clubs, paddleboat and go sightseeing. A great way to make your trip that much more fun!
  • Stair Climbing. This is the easiest way to get in some activity, take the stairs whenever possible.
  • Go Dancing. Find a local hotspot, dance the night away, and get to know the local culture too.
  • Bring a resistance band or tubing in your suitcase for a complete strength workout.


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