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Completion of Booking
Although Owner Direct matches an owner and guest, Owner Direct is not responsible for completing the booking or providing further services such as keys, rent collection, housekeeping, directions, etc.

Data errors, while not expected, can occur at any time. The owner and guest are responsible for proofing the accuracy of all the details provided in the "Notice of Match". Also, because everyone's expectations are different, the guest is responsible for asking the owner enough questions to ensure that the booking meets all expectations including standards, size, availability, supplies, etc.

Matching Fee Refunds
Either the owner or guest may cancel a match within the 24 hour grace period by calling Owner Direct with no charges. The Matching Fee is normally not refunded after the Owner/Guest confirm booking is satisfactory and 24 hour grace period has elapsed.

Rent Refunds
Each owner has a different cancellation policy which is usually detailed in their confirmation or rental agreement. If the guest is uncomfortable with the payment and cancellation policies, they should review them with the owner.

Cancellation Insurance
Although owners are unable to offer any form of cancellation insurance, third party insurance is sometimes available.

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