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24 Hour Grace Period

No charges are made until the end of the grace period. Any booking/match can be cancelled without any obligations during this grace period.

As soon as a Match/Booking is made the '24 Hour Grace Period' begins. Both the owner and the guest immediately receive an email on how to view their Notice of Match, which contains each other's contact information. The 24 Hour Grace Period is in place to allow the owner and the guest to go over any further questions that each party may have. No credit card charges are put through for the guest for the Owner Direct portion during the 24 Hour Grace Period (48 hours if the parties live Internationally from one another). If there should be any changes made to the Match such as dates, amounts, occupancy, or even a cancellation, this should take place during the Grace Period. Owner Direct will process the owing amount from the guest to Owner Direct for its portion after 24 hours.

If either are unable to contact the other within 24 hours, they should call Owner Direct. The guest has the owner's contact information, and are encourage to call them in case the owner has not yet checked their email.

The 24 Hour Grace Period is Popular Because:

  • Owners like the control it provides them.  They talk directly to their guests to achieve a higher level of confidence that their guests will respect their vacation home. This provides a final screening of every guest.
  • Guests like the opportunity to talk to the owners directly before they commit to the booking.  Nobody knows more about the unit and resort than the owner.
  • Owner Direct likes the '24 Hour Grace Period' because we know that both the guest and owner are truly comfortable with the match before they complete the booking.

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