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Login and Update Anytime
A guest or owner can login to their record at any time to add or update the data.
The Privacy Policy is described in the related page below. Guest or owner information is not shared with anyone until there is a match, at which time the guest and owner are introduced to each other.

Complete Data
Most owners will not accept a match if the guest has not provided complete information about themselves. It is very important to have the full mailing address. 
Guests need the owner's full and proper information, in order to make contact with them easily.

Second Email Address
Due to the prevalence of viruses and other internet problems some owners will not accept (or their email may not accept) hotmail, yahoo or other free email addresses. Because Email servers and spam protection software can prevent an Email from arriving, it is always a good idea to provide a second email address.

Phone Numbers
A guest can never provide enough phone numbers. They can prove very valuable when an owner (or Owner Direct staff) is trying to reach the guest with something urgent or important. Cell numbers (guest and owner) can be a huge help when the guest is on the way to, or at the vacation home.

When the guest does not have a work number, then provide the work number for a spouse or another traveller in the party.

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