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Easy Steps to Book a Property
Start with Your Search 
There are a number of ways to locate a rental unit on our website. From the home page, you can start to narrow your choices by using the 'Find Your Destination' tool', by entering the unit ID, or by using the click down feature on the world map.
You can also use click on the 'Vacation Rentals' tab along the top of the home page and start your search from there.
Search Results ... List of Available Units
After finding the unit that you would like to rent, click:
  • Book Unit (you are ready); or
  • Request Info (you still have questions).
We Contact You
Once your request has been submitted, our reservationists will contact you promptly to assist you with your questions. You are also more than welcome to contact our office by email or by using our toll free numbers.
Credit Card and Match Processed
When you are ready, you can provide us with your Visa or Mastercard details to cover the Owner Direct portion only (about 10%), which is already included in the quoted total cost. NO charges are processed until after the 24 Hour Grace Period (see below).
Notice of Match
At the same time that we associate the Notice of Match, (all of the details including the owner's name, address, etc.)  to your guest account, we attach it to the owner's account.  Because data errors (while not expected)  can occur,  the owner and the guest are responsible for proofing the details in the Notice of Match.
Notification Emailed
You will receive an email directing you to log into your guest account.  From the home page, click on Login and enter  your email and password to the guest form. Under you Matches tab, click on Match ID #  to view the 'Notice of Match'.
Popular '24 Hour Grace Period'
  • Owners like the control this provides them.  They talk directly to their guests to achieve a higher level of confidence that their guests will respect their vacation home ... as a final screening of every guest.
  • Guests like the opportunity to talk to owners directly before they commit to the booking.  Nobody knows more about the unit and resort than the owner.
  • Owner Direct likes the '24 Hour Grace Period' because we know that both the guest and owner are truly comfortable with the match before they complete the booking.

The owner and the guest are expected to communicate immediately because of the 24 hour time frame and because it is easier to reach one another soon after the match is made. If either are unable to contact the other within 24 hours, they must call Owner Direct.

Ask Alot of Questions
Because everyone's expectations are different, the guest is responsible for asking the owner enough questions to ensure that the accommodations meet ALL EXPECTATIONS including standards, size, availability, supplies, etc. Both the owner and Owner Direct want the guest to be comfortable with all aspects of the match.  If they uncover anything that is not workable, they can cancel the booking within the 24 hour grace period.
Conversely, an owner who becomes aware of something that makes him/her uncomfortable should contact 'Owner Direct' immediately to discuss their concerns and their options ... including cancellation. This '24 Hour Grace Period' does not allow an owner to refuse a booking because they want to change their available nights, rates or any other rental condition.
When Both Parties Are Satisfied, the Matching Fee Is Processed

The Guest Is Not Satisfied - No Charges
If after communicating with the owner (within the "grace period") the guest is not satisfied with the arrangement, the Match is cancelled and NO charges will be incurred.
Booking and Confirmation
Although Owner Direct matches the guest with the owner, Owner Direct is not responsible for completing the booking or providing further services such as keys, housekeeping and directions. The Matching Fee is normally not refunded if the match is confirmed with the owner and cancelled  after 24 hours of making it with Owner Direct. In some unique situations credits have been provided; however, no guarantees can be made.
Owner's Cancellation Policy
Each owner sets their own policy and their confirmation should provide the details.
Very rarely do owners cancel a booking;  however if this should happen will do our very best to find you an alternate unit.

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