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Apply Rates and Minimum Stay Requirements
Need Help Adding Rates?
Watch the following movie on rates and minimum nights:

Rates and Minimum Nights (movie)

Where do I go to Set My Rates and Minimum Nights?

There are 2 ways to set your rates and minimum nights.

From your Owner Record:

  • click the "Edit My Units" tab
  • select the Unit ID # you need to work with
  • Step 2 - Rates
  • click Rates and Minimum Nights

- or -

From your Owner Record:

  • click on the "Rates" tab
  • use the drop down menu to choose the Unit ID.

Base and Maximum Occupancy
Select the maximum persons allowed for this particular unit. 

ie: Maximum Persons 6
     Rates is based on 4
     Extra person charge 10.00 per night. 

You also have the option to select the extra person charged to not be applied for persons over the age of your choice. 

Eg: Some owners choose not to charge extra person charges for children under 5. 
Click "update data"

What type of Currency do you want to use?
Select from 9 different currencies
Click "update data"

How do I Add Rates?
Select a start and end date by clicking on the calendar link. Enter your nightly rate and the minimum night stay for the unit. 
Select the days you would like the nightly rates and minimum nights to apply to. Click "add rates".

What are the Minimum Requirements?
Owner Direct requires a minimum of 4 weeks worth of rates with no more than a 7 night minimum.  For the purpose of Guest searches, your rates must be listed in a minimum of 14 night increments.

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