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6 Tips to Live Like a Local

As the common saying from Saint Ambrose goes: “When in Rome, live as the Romans do; when elsewhere, live as they live elsewhere.” Make the most of your travel experience by living like a local and embracing local customs. Here are six tips from Owner Direct to get yourself accustomed to your new destination in the local way.

1. Rent a vacation home instead of staying at a generic hotel. By renting a privately-owned home, you’ll find small details of the local culture embedded in the décor. Locally owned homes also tend to offer ideas on what to do in the area.

2. Read the local newspaper to learn about current local events. A local newspaper offers much more insight into your destination area than a national newspaper can.

3. Speak to others. Talk to people who live in the area – taxi drivers, restaurant servers, people waiting at a bus stop or in line at a grocery store. They will all have thoughts on what to see and do while you are there.

4. Eat where the locals eat. The best restaurants to dine at are usually where the locals go. Stroll around and look for the most popular eatery or ask others where they enjoy going and why.

5. Get around like a local. How do the locals tend to get around – car, subway, bus, or bike? Walking is also a great way to discover a new destination and see places you may miss in a vehicle.

6. Embrace the local culture. Set your watch to the local time. Change your money into the local currency. Take the time to learn please and thank you in the local language. The small details of everyday living in another’s way help to immerse you into the culture and the local way of life.


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